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Chiropractor + Sports Injury Clinic in Eden Prairie, MN

Chiropractor + Sports Injury Clinic in Eden Prairie, MN

Premier Sports and Spine Center is a leading chiropractic care clinic serving Minneapolis and St. Paul. We are conveniently located just off of I-494 and Flying Cloud Dr. in Eden Prairie. We strive to give our patients the most comprehensive care available. Our chiropractors, Dr. Westbrock, Dr. Dean, and Dr. Mitchell offer a wide range of services that treat everything from headaches, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and sciatica to knee problems and tennis elbow. They also provide rehabilitation, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Active Release Technique, taping and custom exercise/training programs.

We understand the importance of determining the cause of our patients’ condition and getting to the root of the problem versus offering only symptomatic relief. At Premier Sports and Spine Center, we pride ourselves on our treatment model, which allows us to take time to listen to patients and to offer extended appointments for all-inclusive treatment.
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Premier is excited to announce our new Edina clinic!
The PSSC Edina location has been established in order to further address the needs of our patients and athletes by offering additional therapy opportunities in combination with our innovative manual therapies. Over the years, our sports chiropractic physicians have found the need to address questions regarding weight training, cutting, pivoting, stopping, starting and other sport specific movements in order to resolve injuries and compensation patterns and improve performance. PSSC is excited to announce that our Edina location features a full weight room used to screen for incorrect lifting technique and/or to enhance rehabilitation or performance programs as well as 8,000 square feet of turf that can be used to evaluate an athlete in motion. What thrills the sports chiropractic physicians at PSSC the most about the Edina location is the opportunity to reach so many athletes and patients in their native sporting environment to get a true understanding of their breakdowns leading to injury. This location offers evening hours to make getting treated at PSSC as convenient as possible. To inquire further about PSSC Edina, call 952-479-0043.

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We draw upon a large knowledge base of different treatment techniques in order to combine therapies for the most effective, efficient, and long term resolution to non-sports or sports related injuries.

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For sports injuries, general back pain, and beyond, we have experienced chiropractors that will find a customized solution for you.

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