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Sports Chiropractic Care Center

The sports chiropractic physicians at Premier Sports & Spine Center are committed to assisting you in your health & wellness goals. Our team’s capabilities and experience covers the complete chiropractic care and athletic rehabilitation field. Each sports chiropractor at Premier Sports & Spine Center – Dr. Westbrock, Dr. Dean, Dr. Williams & Dr. Mitchell – are devoted to improving your quality of life by educating you and employing effective athletic support and chiropractic care.

To assist our patients and Twin Cities athletes with their goals, we utilize several therapeutic approaches. They include physical rehabilitation, joint mobilization, stretching and soft tissue therapies like Active Release Technique, and friction massage therapy. The best part is that our services are covered by most major insurance providers and are always conducted by trained and certified chiropractic physicians. You will receive the best treatment available.

Our professional staff is here to work with you every step of the way. We will take the time to sit down and discuss your objectives with you, then work to identify your obstacles and design a plan that will help you overcome them and accomplish your goals. Our customized treatment plans range from stretching, joint mobilization and chiropractic adjustments, to education and therapeutic exercises that can help you with your unique condition.

We proudly accept all insurance plans.

Who will benefit from our sports chiropractic services?

✓ Healthcare workers, dentists

✓ Athletes struggling to improve their performance and decrease or prevent pain

✓ Coaches searching for a way to yield the best performance from their athletes

✓ Athletic trainers exploring ways to provide more effective strategies for their clients

✓ Those employed in physically challenging occupations, such as law enforcement officers or construction workers

✓ Retail workers

If you would like to make an appointment, please contact us online or call 952-479-0043.

Our Chiropractic & Sports Injury Services

Healthful Hints

We draw upon a large knowledge base of different treatment techniques in order to combine therapies for the most effective, efficient, and long term resolution to non-sports or sports related injuries.

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For sports injuries, general back pain, and beyond, we have experienced chiropractors that will find a customized solution for you.

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