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Back pain

Whether originating from poor posture, a sedentary lifestyle, athletic activity, or musculoskeletal abnormalities, back pain is extremely common for Americans.

Most back pain will go away on its own within 10 to 14 days. If your back pain lasts longer than that, it’s probably time to get your back evaluated by a sports chiropractor. 

At Premier Sports & Spine, we evaluate each patient to determine the root cause of their back pain then create an individualized course of treatment. Once our sports chiropractor has determined the root cause of pain, they will discuss the best way to approach treatment. 

Back pain treatment usually involves a combination of different therapies in the clinic that address both soft-tissue and joint problems as well as corrective exercises to address muscle imbalance. 

Back pain may be a symptom of:


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How does Premier Sports & Spine treat back pain?

Our sports chiropractors specialize in identifying the complex compensation patterns typically associated with back pain. Your initial visit to Premier Sports & Spine will include a thorough history and orthopedic/neurological testing to help rule out disc injuries, as well as a functional exam to identify muscle imbalances that can lead to pain. Causes of both upper and lower back pain are often multifactorial, and our specialists have advanced training to diagnose each case’s structural and functional roots.

How do sports chiropractors treat upper back pain?

Upper back pain almost always involves tight and spastic muscles. The treatment approach that our chiropractors use to address these tight muscles has been proven to provide back pain relief through multiple treatment modalities. Postural strength training exercises and taping are essential to prevent the pain from returning. 

Sometimes, patients benefit from a sit-standing combination desk. Our chiropractic physicians can recommend the best models for your case and ensure workplaces can accommodate each patient’s specialized needs.

How does lower back pain treatment differ?

At Premier Sports & Spine, our sports chiropractic physicians go beyond traditional chiropractic adjustment methods.  Chiropractic adjustments provide back pain relief for certain types of back pain, but these treatments become dramatically more effective when used in combination with other techniques. After your evaluation, patients receive an individualized treatment plan for lower back pain that may include soft tissue myofascial release, cross friction massage, dry needling, kinesio tape, and rehabilitation exercises. This gives our patients the best chance of becoming pain-free as quickly as possible and staying that way.

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