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Sports taping / kinesiology therapeutic tape

Primarily used to treat joint and soft tissue injury, sports taping techniques use flexible fabric tape to stabilize and rehabilitate a sprain, stress injury, or other injured area. 

At Premier Sports & Spine, our sports chiropractors assess the best type of kinesiology therapeutic tape for a patient’s needs, then strategically apply the tape so the patient can heal while moving normally.

Benefits of sports taping include:


  • Protects the injured area 
  • Assists tissues in recovering from damage or trauma 
  • Offers external support and cues the body area to proper movement patterns
  • Decreases pain while not limiting range of motion


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What are the different types of sports taping?

A sports chiropractor has extensive training in advanced taping techniques and can identify what type of tape and procedure best supports an individual’s injury. 

Functional tapes lift the skin and guides inflammation out of the injured area.

Kinesio tape can help overactive muscles calm down and can help inactive muscles increase their activity.

Taping treats repetitive strain and stress injuries and advanced compensation patterns. When functional tape pulls, it helps an individual consciously recognize that they can correct their movements.

White tape is another type of sports tape, commonly used to stabilize ankle sprains. Plantar fasciitis is also treated with white tape.

Inflexible tapes like leukotape can be used in conditions that require complete stabilization or immobility of a particular structure. AC joint sprains can be immobilized by using leukotape. Patellofemoral pain is often relieved by McConnell taping with leukotape.

Specific Proprioceptive Response Taping (SPRT) uses inflexible tape and is used by a sports chiropractor to correct faulty motor patterns and allow an injury to heal more quickly.

There are many more types of tape and each type is used for a specific reason like Elastikon, cover roll, waterproof tape, self grip, etc.

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