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We support patients with personalized exercise programs that combine corrective exercise, plyometrics, strength training all while reinforcing positive movement patterns.  

Also called rehabilitation exercises or physical therapy, the corrective exercise techniques we use at Premier Sports & Spine are specific directed stability exercises that create strength, endurance, and positive movement patterns.

We also offer highly personalized running training programs designed to evaluate individual muscular imbalances and gait abnormalities, prevent injury, and accelerate performance.

Benefits of corrective exercises


  • Resolve dysfunction in muscular firing patterns from repetitive stress and sports injuries
  • Improve strength, endurance, stability and sport-specific movements
  • Rehabilitate existing sports injuries and prevents new injuries from occurring

Common conditions that require corrective exercises or physical therapy include:


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What are the principles of corrective exercise programs?

When bodies are injured, the muscles in the affected area automatically turn off and other muscles compensate. Corrective exercise programs resolve dysfunction in firing patterns since abnormal firing patterns cause pain and discomfort from prolonged compensation. When retraining firing patterns, the key is to activate the muscles in the proper pattern and then repeat the proper pattern over and over.

After activating the proper muscle firing patterns, physical rehabilitation or physical therapy programs focus on improving the activation, strength (hypertrophy), and endurance of the dysfunctional muscles. When identifying the correct exercise program, it is crucial for the practitioner to choose the proper level of difficulty. If the level of difficulty is too high, the patient will fatigue prematurely and the poor movement pattern will be reinforced, preventing full recovery.

The last component of a rehabilitation program is to build endurance with stability. Improving endurance in postural stability muscles allows athletes and individuals to sit at their desks for hours at a time, to run a 5K, or participate in a sport that is highly repetitive. Addressing the endurance dysfunction in an injury involves proper knowledge by the sports chiropractor on the correct programing parameters to improve endurance.

Why do we see a lot of “physical therapy failures”?

Physical therapy failures are conditions that have not improved after extensive attempts using common physical therapy methods such as massage, heat and exercise. At Premier, we see many injuries that have not improved even though the patient has sought help from more traditional physical therapy. When other practitioners conduct physical therapy, they do not always address the health and quality of the injured tissue. 

Injured muscles only gain strength within the existing range of the muscle’s motion. If a muscle is shortened and contracted due to spasm or scar tissue accumulated from injury, traditional physical therapy will only have a minimal impact. 

At Premier Sports & Spine, our sports chiropractic physicians usually begin treatments with manual therapies like ART, Graston, Myofascial Release, or FAKTR to prepare the tissue. These therapies and massages significantly improve healing potential. Our approach treats the tissue’s range of motion before corrective exercise or physical therapy techniques are introduced. 

At Premier Sports & Spine, we choose appropriate manual therapy techniques to prepare the soft tissue and create an appropriate corrective exercise program for full resolution of the injury and compensation patterns. We prepare the injured area, extend the range of motion, and educate our patients on how to move correctly. We focus on long-term healing so you can participate in sports again without fear of further injury.

Why choose Premier Sports & Spine?

Proper identification of the necessary exercises at the appropriate level is essential to success with corrective exercises.

The sports injury chiropractors at Premier Sports & Spine have advanced degrees and training in corrective exercise programming. Our doctors are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) and can help athletes and everyday people transition from rehabilitation exercises to strength and agility programs.

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Also called rehabilitation exercises or physical therapy, the corrective exercise techniques we use at Premier Sports & Spine are specific directed stability exercises that create strength, endurance, and positive movement patterns.