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Transverse Friction Massage, otherwise known as TFM, is a deep tissue technique that is performed at the site of the injury in order to breakdown scar tissue and remodel it to be a more flexible, pliable, and a more functional tissue. The application of TFM leads to immediate pain relief – the patient experiences a numbing effect during the friction and reassessment immediately after the session shows reduction in pain and increase in strength and mobility. This technique is valuable in treating muscle, tendon, and ligamentous injuries in both acute and chronic conditions.

TFM protocols and procedures were originally investigated and documented by James Cyriax, an english medical doctor. Numerous research studies have been performed since Cyriax’s original work to investigate why TFM is so effective. This research has shown that TFM directly affects the manner in which tissue heals. When an injury occurs it is healed by the formation of scar tissue, this scar tissue covers the damage in all different directions and therefore is not very flexible or functional. TFM breaks down the scar tissue that naturally forms when tissue is damaged, either by an acute injury or by repetitive microtrauma. This tissue breakdown allows the tissue to heal in a more functional way. This is accomplished by combining tissue breakdown with muscle lengthening procedures, such as ART, and with specific rehabilitation exercises. This combination allows the tissue to heal with a greater percentage of normal tissue, and the scar tissue that does form will be laid down in the same direction as the normal tissue fibers, making it more functional and flexible.

TFM is normally performed for 3-5 minutes but the sports chiropractic physicians at Premier Sports and Spine Center have found that this often isn’t enough to see quick, effective results. For this reason, each 30 minute treatment a patient receives will consist of 8-12 minutes of TFM. This allows the patient to progress through their care in a faster time and with less treatments. All of the soft tissue techniques patients receive at Premier Sports and Spine Center are performed by a chiropractic sports physician to ensure that each patient receives the highest quality of care.

Transverse Friction Massage



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