Tennis Elbow

Sports chiropractors frequently treat tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis. It is actually the inflammation of the tendons that insert at the lateral elbow, which can also be characterized as an overuse syndrome. The tendons that insert at the lateral elbow actually have very little to do with the elbow, in fact, the purpose of these tendons and the surrounding muscles are to extend the wrist and fingers.

Most people are a bit surprised when they get diagnosed with tennis elbow and don’t play tennis. The name can be misleading as the origin of the inflammation is caused by any activity that involves using your hands and wrists repetitively.
Some examples that can cause tennis elbow include: activities that requires repetitive gripping using a hammer or screw driver, computer work that involves repetitively extending a finger to click a mouse, painting a deck on a sunny afternoon, rock climbing and CrossFit. These activities rely on the strength of the wrist extensor muscles and the tensile strength of the tendon. When the wrist extensors fatigue, strain and stress is placed on the origin of the tendon at the lateral epicondyle and a tendinitis can ensure. If left untreated, lateral epicondylitis can turn to lateral epicondylosis, a degenerative condition where scar tissue is accumulated in the tendon. This condition tends to be more painful than tennis elbow and takes longer to reach full resolution with appropriate treatment.

Treatment Options for Tennis Elbow

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