October 13, 2015

How Can Chiropractors Help With Whiplash Injuries?

Many people at some point in their lives will experience a motor vehicle accident (MVA) and while some people are lucky enough to escape unscathed, many will […]
June 11, 2015

To Ice or Not To Ice

Have you ever bent or moved the wrong way, something you’ve done painfree thousands of times, but found yourself incapacitated with pain? The type of pain […]
February 14, 2015

The 6 Injuries Most Common to Triathletes

  Rotator Cuff Tendinitis (or potentially Tear) – inflammation due to microscopic muscles tears & stress
January 19, 2015


Settling into your new routines for the year. Are you incorporating any of the discussed ideas from the recent blogs addressing Building Your Training Base in […]
April 11, 2014

Golf Injuries and Prevention

With the Masters here and the weather finally turning around many are itching to get out on the golf course. Golf is a game that is […]
December 5, 2013

Avoid Snow Shoveling Injuries

With our most recent snowfall, many of you will be shoveling your driveways, sidewalks, and maybe even your car! It is important that you shovel properly […]
September 6, 2013

Foundation Training – Feeling Good Starts Here

You read and hear all about different types of remedies for dealing with back pain. I have personally dealt with some low back issues on and […]
February 27, 2013

What Your Squat Can Tell You About Your Health

The ability to successfully perform a deep squat is a fairly good indicator or one’s overall fitness level and movement quality. Is it the end all, […]
January 4, 2013

Avoid Winter Weather Injuries

Outdoor activities can be an excellent way to get some fresh air and exercise during the long, chilly winter months, but the cold temperatures and icy […]
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