Why is sports massage important?

what do I need to know?

Sports Massage is a key component of recovery for athletes that are training at a high intensity and/or for extended periods of time. For athletes, the function of such a massage is to flush out lactic acid and inflammation from activity, to maintain range of motion, and reduce muscle stiffness.  Our sports chiropractors have significant experience working with Ironman triathletes, marathoners during peak training weeks programing as well as competition level Crossfit athletes and professional basketball players.

Is sports massage just for athletes?

The massage is not just for athletes. The deep tissue massage techniques can be used on any individual to help alleviate pain, recover from injury, or treat chronic conditions.  At Premier Sports and Spine Center, we have the opinion that if you move your body, you are an athlete.  We can apply all the principles of sports medicine, including sports massage, to anyone who moves their body.

At Premier Sports and Spine Center, our sports chiropractors use several forms of techniques to aid in recovery as well as maintaining range of motion.

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Sports Massage can help speed recovery, prevent future injuries, improve flexibility, and advance the athlete’s training ability and performance.  It can also be used to treat specific injuries such as:

All of the deep tissue sports massage techniques at Premier Sports and Spine are performed by a sports chiropractic physician and can be billed to health insurance.

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