What are running training programs?

Treating runners and their injuries is a very large part of both the Eden Prairie and Eagan locations of Premier Sports and Spine Center. Many of these patients are looking for running programs. There are a large number of running training programs available such as Hal Higdon’s training program or FIRSTs Run Less, Run Faster. These programs are good, but often patients will want a personalized running program, which the sports chiropractors at Premier Sports and Spine Center are experienced in creating. The most important aspect of starting a training program is making sure you are physically ready to start it. If patient’s have a small, seemingly insignificant, issue at the beginning of a training program, it will almost certainly get worse with increased running. Some of the most common running injuries include:

The sports chiropractors at Premier Sports and Spine Center are trained to evaluate and treat running injuries. Getting a running injury assessed and corrected early in a training program can dramatically shorten the time needed to treat the injury and make the training program much more successful. Our sports chiropractors are also experienced in functional evaluations. Evaluating patients for muscular imbalances and gait abnormalities can help prevent injuries from forming during the training program.

Correcting these issues can make an individual faster and more efficient as a runner as well. Some of the techniques utilized at Premier Sports and Spine Center are designed to lengthen tissues and break up tight muscles. When used in combination with strengthening exercises, these techniques can help correct muscular imbalances.

If you are looking for information on running programs or have a running injury and want to schedule an appointment at our Eden Prairie or Eagan clinic locations, or to discuss your condition with a sports chiropractic physician, contact us or call 952-479-0043 today.

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