Running Injuries

What causes running injuries?

Running injuries are typically classified as a chronic, repetitive strain and stress type of injury rather than an acute injury that means injuries are not the result of a single, traumatic event. A hallmark of injuries is that we don’t know when or how they happen, but running injuries slowly get worse over time. Classifying injuries as “overuse” does not necessarily mean that an athlete is running too many miles. Instead, it is most often caused by a runner overusing a specific part of their body by running with running with improper biomechanics.

Running is a highly repetitive activity. An individual stride is a very minor trauma to the runner’s body, but when that minor trauma is repeated thousands of times it can cause damage to muscles, ligaments, or bones slowly, over time. This damage builds up in the body causing a breakdown of normal tissue and a build up of scar tissue leading to an injury.

Common running injuries include:

How do sports chiropractors treat running injuries?

Diagnosis of running injuries includes identifying any muscle imbalances that can lead to extra force on the injured body part when running. This is accomplished by assessing the patient’s individual running mechanics and gait. Due to extensive sports medicine training, the chiropractors at Premier Sports and Spine Center have significant experience and expertise at identifying poor movement strategies and correcting the imbalances by using different manual techniques and corrective exercises. Some of the manual therapies that could be used are:

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