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Premier Sports and Spine is proud to share with you three important of our many partners.


MASH Performance is a full-service gym focused on long-term health and development. Whether you are seeking a customized training program or group fitness classes, MASH Performance will develop a well-rounded experience tailored towards supporting the achievement of your goals. We are led by a team of dedicated, full-time staff to support every client in our community.



This running store carries the largest running shoe selection, apparel and gear in the Twin Cities. The customer service is outstanding as the sale associates are extremely knowledgeable and can answer questions about the gear, training and injuries.



A high standard of coaching is very important in CrossFit. Due to the complex and intense nature of our workouts, it’s key to have the proper technique and form to decrease the likelihood of injury. Our motto says it all, “Higher Standards, Greater Results.” I will not allow you to put your safety or health at risk, because after all, what’s more important than our health?! I know I don’t want to take any time off from my workouts, so I know my members don’t either!