M1 Volleyball Club

In Bloomington, MN

Minnesota One Volleyball Club is located Bloomington, MN. Better known at “M1 Volleyball,” is in their 20th year as a top volleyball program in the Twin Cities and North Country Region. The doctors at Premier are excited to be be in partnership with M1 Volleyball in Bloomington for their 5th season as team doctors and are excited to help the teams continue to achieve their best on and off the court.

 M1 Volleyball is dedicated to providing high level training, strong foundational skills development and working to improve the performance level of all junior volleyball athletes. Teaming up with Premier Sports and Spine Center as one of the best chiropractor groups in Bloomington, MN has helped elevate the performance and prevent injury for M1 volleyball players. As the team physicians, Premier Sports and Spine Center have helped keep M1 athletes off the sideline and on the court, competing in national level tournaments as well as in local power leagues in Bloomington, MN and the surrounding Twin Cities.

Injuries Treated at M1 Volleyball

M1 Training Center


M1 has its own location in Bloomington, Minnesota, and is home to club team practices, regional tournaments, classes, camps and private lessons. The gym consists of five courts, a weight room for strength and conditioning training and a sports chiropractic treatment room, a unique team room for all M1 teams, the M1 Volley Store, and a lobby lounge area.

The Bloomington, MN, M1 training center is open all year round. Their dedication to a long-term training curriculum helps ensure long term success and achievement at the club and high school levels and up through the collegiate volleyball level.

If you are an M1 athlete and are experiencing any volleyball related injuries and would like to make an appointment or discuss your condition with a sports chiropractor please contact us or call 952-479-0043 today.  

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