Kinesio Tape

what is it?

Kinesio tape is simply the brand name of a flexible fabric tape.  There are many different types of tape that are similar:  Rock Tape, KT Tape, and Spider Tech to name a few.

What is sports taping and how is it used?

There are many different types of sports tape and  multiple ways and reasons that a particular tape may be used.  Sports taping primarily helps in situations where a patient has experienced injuries to the joints and soft tissues.  It helps by protecting the injured area and assisting the tissues in recovering from damage or trauma while offering external support to the body and cues to proper movement patterns.  A sports chiropractor has extensive training in advanced taping techniques and can identify what type of tape and procedure best supports an individual’s injury.

Functional tape, such as Kinesio Tape, Rock Tape or KT Tape, are used for a few different reasons.  The first reason is to decrease pain while not limiting range of motion.  Functional tape, like Kinesio Tape, is also used to help lift the skin and guide inflammation back to the heart and out of an injured area.  At the subconscious level, Kinesio tape can help overactive muscles calm down and can help inactive muscle increase their activity. This function is extremely helpful in treating patients with repetitive strain and stress injuries and advanced compensation patterns.  Lastly, when functional tape pulls, it helps an individual consciously recognize that they are having poor posture so that they can correct their position.

White tape is another type of sports tape.  It is used for various conditions and sports taping jobs.  One of the most well known reasons to use 1.5 inch white tape is for stabilizing ankle sprains.  Low-dye taping for plantar fasciitis also uses white tape.

Inflexible tapes like leukotape can be used in conditions that require complete stabilization or immobility of a particular structure.  AC joint sprains can be immobilized by using leukotape.  Patellofemoral pain is often relieved by McConnell taping with leukotape.  Specific Proprioceptive Response Taping (SPRT) uses inflexible tape and is used by a sports chiropractor to correct faulty motor patterns and allow an injury to heal more quickly.

There are many more types of tape and each type is used for a specific reason like Elastikon, Cover Roll, Water Proof Tape, Self Grip, etc.

The practitioners at Premier Sports and Spine Center can asses your specific condition and decide which sports taping procedure is best for you, contact us or call the central scheduling line at 952-479-0043.

Our sports chiropractors have an immense amount of experience with shoulder pain and injuries. Our partnerships with MASH Baseball in Eagan and M1 Volleyball in Bloomington exposes us to numerous athletes with shoulder conditions. This experience with athletes who consistently perform over-head movements can be applied to other athletes such as weight lifters, rock climbers, swimmers, cyclists, and football players. Our sports chiropractic techniques are equally well suited if your shoulder pain is from overuse at work, sitting at a desk, being a weekend warrior work or from an unknown cause.


The treatment utilized by the chiropractors at Premier Sports and Spine Center is highly individualized and extends well beyond traditional chiropractic care. Patients suffering from a shoulder injury receive a combination of soft-tissue work, joint mobilization, and rehabilitation exercises designed to shorten healing time and prevent the injury from returning. Treatment can also include modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound, dry needling, and kinesio tape. Our goal is not only to get you pain free and back to the activity you love as soon as possible, but to keep you performing in a way that reduces the likelihood of a repeat injury.

If you are suffering from a shoulder injury and would like to make an appointment or discuss your condition with one of our sports chiropractors, please contact us or call our scheduling line at 952-479-0043.

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