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At our Eden Prairie, MN clinic location, Premier sports and spine offer many sports chiropractic services in our state of the art facility.


8577 Columbine Road

Eden Prairie, MN 55344


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The Eden Prairie, MN Premier Sports and Spine Center enjoys being centrally located just off 494. It is in the heart of Eden Prairie with lots of retail, restaurants, and businesses located nearby.
Our rehab center at the Eden Prairie clinic is uniquely set up to allow an athlete or individual immediate feedback by watching their movements in a mirror while training. It is incredibly beneficial to have instant visual feedback when retraining altered movement patterns. This visual feedback brings an awareness that helps a patient conquer poor movement patterns. The first step in retraining an altered movement pattern is identifying when the athlete or individual has bad posture or is relying on poor form. From there, repetitively performing correct movement patterns will allow the athlete to easily transition the proper movement pattern to the subconscious level. Our Eden Prairie clinic rehab center is ideal for retraining chronic pain conditions or deconditioning syndromes including upper cross and lower cross syndromes.

At the Eden Prairie, MN clinic, all treatment services are available including dry needling.

If you have questions about your injury or to schedule an appointment in our Eden Prairie, MN clinic location, contact us or call the central scheduling line at 952-479-0043.

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