Corrective Exercises

What to expect?

also known as Rehabilitation Exercises or Physical Therapy, are specific directed, stability exercises that are used to create strength, endurance, and to reinforce positive movement patterns.

Common conditions that require corrective exercises or physical therapy to alleviate or completely resolve include:

Why do we see a lot of “Physical Therapy Failures” ?

Physical Therapy failures would be defined as conditions that have not improved after extensive attempts utilizing physical methods such as massage, heat and exercise.  There are several reasons that the sports chiropractors at Premier see injuries that have not improved by exclusively doing extensive physical therapy.  The most common reason is that the physical therapists have neglected to address the health and quality of the injured tissue.   Failing to begin treatment by utilizing a manual therapy such ART, Graston, Myofascial Release,  or FAKTR to prepare the tissue to be strengthened limits the amount of improvement that can occur.  Muscles only have the ability to achieve strength gains within the range of motion that the muscle is moved.  Therefore, if a muscle is shortened and contracted due to spasm or scar tissue accumulated from injury, physical therapy strength exercises will only have a minimal impact unless the muscle spasm and length relationship is address through manual therapy.  The range of motion must be addressed first in order to maximize the scope within which the healing can occur.  At Premier Sports and Spine Center, our specialty is utilizing the  appropriate manual therapy technique to prepare the soft tissue and create an appropriate corrective exercise program for full resolution of the injury and compensation patterns. In other words, we prepare the injured area, extend the range of motion and educate you on how to move correctly to maximize the potential for long term resolution.

Why choose Premier Sports and Spine Center?

There are many benefits to corrective exercises, also known as physical therapy exercises, however, proper identification of the necessary exercises at the appropriate level are essential to success.  We believe a knowledgeable practitioner is the key to a successful rehabilitation program.  The sports injury chiropractors at Premier Sports and Spine Center have advanced degrees and training in corrective exercise programming.  Our doctors also are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) and can help athletes and everyday people transition from rehabilitation exercises to strength and agility programs in order to transition back to sport and life easily.

What are the principals of Corrective Exercise Programs?

When there is pain in the body, the muscles in that area automatically turn off and other muscles compensate.  Corrective exercise programs help resolve dysfunction in the firing patterns of common movements that become altered with pain and incorrect compensation patterns from prolonged injury.   When retraining firing patterns, the key is to activate the muscles in the proper pattern and then repeat the proper pattern over and over.

After activating the proper firing patterns, physical rehabilitation or physical therapy programs, focus on improving the strength (hypertrophy) of the muscles that have become dysfunctional.  When evaluating for the correct exercise program, it is crucial for the practitioner to choose the proper level of difficulty.  If the level of difficulty is too high, the patient will fatigue  prematurely and the poor movement pattern will be reinforced thereby preventing the possibility for full resolution of the injury.

The last component of a rehabilitation program is endurance with stability.  Improving endurance in the postural stability muscles allows athletes and individuals to sit at their desks for hours at a time, to run a 5K, or participate in a sport that is highly repetitive. Addressing the endurance dysfunction in an injury involves proper knowledge by the sports chiropractor on the correct programing parameters to improve endurance.

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