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Chiropractic & Sports Injury Treatment-Premier Sports And Spine Center

Chiropractic care is primarily focused on a technique called joint manipulation. Joint manipulation is a technique used by chiropractors to introduce motion into joints that have a decreased range of motion. The joint is taken to the end of its range of motion and then is very quickly pushed slightly past that point. This is done in a very controlled and safe manner. Performing this technique stretches the joint capsule, the ligaments that hold the joint together, and returns the joint to its normal range of motion.

Joint manipulation also has an effect on the soft tissues around a joint by quickly stretching the muscles and tendons. This sudden stretch activates the golgi tendon organ within tendons. Activating this structure causes a reflex relaxation in the muscle that is attached to the tendon.

The human body is under a lot of stress and pressure on a daily basis, which could lead to overuse injuries that the majority ignore until they cannot handle the severe effects. People who are likely to suffer from these injuries are those who have jobs that require strenuous physical activity and have rigorous schedules, or those who take part in athletics.

As a part of the sports chiropractic care performed at Premier Sports and Spine Center, a thorough exam is performed to determine whether or not joint manipulation is a necessary part of your treatment.

In some cases, a technique called joint mobilization is more appropriate. This technique involves gently introducing motion into the joints. In virtually all cases there is a soft tissue component to a patient’s condition. For this reason, the sports chiropractic physicians at Premier Sports and Spine utilize multiple techniques to treat each athletic injury. Each treatment addresses the soft tissues as well as the joints involved. This multi-technique approach gives the patient their best opportunity to get out of pain permanently.

Do not spend this year in pain! From our office in Eden Prairie, MN, our chiropractic care services are designed to help Minneapolis-St. Paul area residents and athletes who are suffering from pain & a variety of health problems.