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What do you mean by Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is treatment that traditionally focuses on adjusting techniques to improve alignment by inducing motion into joints that have a decreased range of motion.

How is Premier Sports and Spine Different?

At Premier Sports and Spine Center, we do not automatically adjust all our patients.  We create treatment plans for individuals by using evidence-based models, and as such, not all patient’s injuries or conditions require chiropractic adjustments.  Many conditions and injuries that are treated by sports chiropractors have only soft tissue components and no injury to a joint, like a quad strain.  At our clinic, we address the soft tissue injury with manual therapies and prescribe stretching and corrective exercises for full resolution of the condition without any unnecessary chiropractic adjustments.

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is the technique of taking a joint to its end range of motion and quickly pushing past that point in a controlled and safe manner.  Performing a chiropractic adjustment stretches the joint capsule, the ligaments that hold the joint together, and then returns the joint to its normal range of motion.  Joint manipulation, or chiropractic adjustment, also has a positive effect on the soft tissues around the joint by quickly stretching the muscles and tendons.  This quick stretch activates a structure called the Golgi tendon apparatus and that causes a reflex relaxation of the muscle attached to the tendon.

Does everyone need a Chiropractic Adjustment?

Some chiropractors claim that they can “reverse the curve” of an injured spine, improve disc degeneration, or even eliminate arthritis.  These claims are unfounded in research and some may consider the claims to be irresponsible.  Many traditional chiropractors use scare tactics to convince patients that they need multiple scheduled treatments and that permanent conditions can actually be “reversed.”  At Premier Sports and Spine Center, our goal is to get to the root of the problem, fix it, and keep it from coming back.  With permanent conditions, we create treatment plans with the goal of getting the patient back to optimal levels of function with the least amount of symptoms and teach them how to care for themselves.  If a patient does not require a chiropractic adjustment as part of their treatment plan, they do not receive one.

At both our Eden Prairie and Eagan clinic locations  we use our knowledge to INFORM patients, not to intimidate them.   Integrity is one of our Core Values and is a very important part of our clinic model which guides how we treat each patient.

What if I’m afraid to get my neck snapped?

Not all people enjoy a cervical adjustment.  The sports chiropractors at Premier Sports and Spine Center have many ways to get the same job done.  If a patient needs to improve the range of motion in one or more joints in the cervical spine, but does not want a cervical adjustment, the doctor simply uses different techniques to achieve improved range of motion within those joints.  It no big deal!

Chiropractor versus Physical Therapist for adjusting or joint manipulation?

There can be adverse reactions to adjustments.  The skill level and training of the provider is definitely important to consider.  Chiropractors spend 4 years being trained in joint manipulation and adjusting.  To practice in the state of Minnesota, a chiropractor must perform hundreds of supervised adjustments and have passed a written and practical board examination.  In the state of Minnesota, physical therapists can learn and become certified to perform a cervical spine adjustment in a weekend seminar.  In the literature, the majority of adverse effects from joint manipulation come from adjustments being performed by physical therapists, not chiropractors.

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