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Chiropractor are known for treating acute patients suffering from chronic joint pain and other medical conditions. However, they can also help patients who have endured injuries in an accident or sports, for rehabilitation. Chiropractic treatment that involves spinal manipulation is regarded as a standard for treatment of cervical spine (neck) injuries and acute lower back […]

MASH Performance, a leading training facility in Eagan, and Premier Sports & Spine Center, one of Minnesota’s Best 2016 Sports Medicine Company’s, today have announced a health and wellness partnership and integration of services. The partnership provides clients a comprehensive healthcare solution by combining both company’s expertise and services.In this MASH Performance, clients can Meet […]

Car accidents happen every day, from minor fender benders to major head-on collisions. In the most general terms, a car accident is anything involving a motor vehicle and another vehicle, including a car, motorcycle, bike, pedestrian, animal, or geographical object/landmark. Car accidents are classified by the mechanism of the collision. In other words, by what […]

An automobile accident can have far-reaching effects, not just physically, but emotionally as well. Injuries sustained during an auto accident have the potential to impact your life negatively for years if they are not treated properly. It may even be impossible to fully repair the damage that comes from whiplash and sprains.Consult the best Eden […]

As children, we were often told to “sit up straight” because good posture was important. But, what exactly is good posture? defines posture as “the position you maintain while standing, sitting or lying down.” Good posture, however, is performed when you put minimal strain on ligaments and muscles when you move. So, how important […]