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MASH Performance, a leading training facility in Eagan, and Premier Sports & Spine Center, one of Minnesota’s Best 2016 Sports Medicine Company’s, today have announced a health and wellness partnership and integration of services. The partnership provides clients a comprehensive healthcare solution by combining both company’s expertise and services.In this MASH Performance, clients can Meet […]

Sports medicine experts consider the anterior cruciate ligament injury (ACL) as one of the most common injuries in the world of sports. In the United States alone, 250,000 cases of ACL injuries and ruptures happen every single year [1]. If you are a professional athlete or a person who simply enjoys playing any kind of […]

If you have visited one of the sports chiropractic physicians at PSSC you have probably had a conversation with one of us about biomechanics.  If you suffered from a lower body injury there is a good chance that conversation included talking about the glutes, knees buckling in, and foot pronation.  This is an extremely common […]

How often do athletes look to their coaches for advice when it comes to injury prevention. More often than not coaches are the first person we turn to for any hints, tips, or tricks for fixing or avoiding any issues. That’s where we can make a difference.

Playing sports growing up offers many benefits including self-esteem development, peer socialization, and general fitness. There is an emphasis on competitive success, which is often driven by elite-level travel team selections and collegiate scholarships. This has developed into increased pressure to begin high-intensity sport-specific training at young age. Early intensive training and competition can lead […]

Knee injuries are unfortunately very common in sport. Most people have heard of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries which is much more common when it comes to knee injuries while little emphasis has been put on the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). In fact, the PCL is injured in 3-20% of all sports-related knee injuries. […]

Often times people come in with an injury either wearing a brace or asking if they should wear one to help protect it or help with recovery. The problem is that bracing is more often than not abused, and there are some serious consequences if not used correctly. I always say, “Put a brace on with a plan […]

Last week I  watched a Chaska high school volleyball game against Shakopee and it gave me the idea to write a blog about the importance of stability.  Stability is important in all athletes but it is even more important in female athletes.  Stability is a very general term but when I use it in this […]