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Chiropractic Athletic & Sports Taping | Premier Sports & Spine CenterAthletic taping / sports taping will help you protect your muscles from chiropractic injuries by decreasing the strength of impacts that you consistently experience during athletic activities.

What to Know About Athletic Taping / Sports Taping to avoid chiropractic Injuries:

There are various taping procedures to prevent chiropractic injury or aid in the rehabilitation process. The type of taping technique chosen by your physician is determined by the stage of your healing process and by the amount of support needed to continue activity. At Premier Sports and Spine Center our chiropractic doctors are trained to use Kinesio Tape, Rock Tape, Spider Tech, SPRT taping and are able to perform regular athletic taping in the clinical setting.

Kinesio tape, Rock tape, and Spider Tech are different forms of elastic tape that when applied in different ways are able to inhibit a muscles contraction, increase its contraction to protect a joint, or decrease muscle spasm. This tape is often used in the later stages of an injury when an athlete has returned to their sport to prevent reoccurrence. It can also be used in some situations to protect a healing injury such as work injuries related to overuse.

Specific Proprioceptive Response Taping, or SPRT, is a form of sports taping utilized by some of the world’s most foremost athletes. SPRT taping directly affects proprioception or the body’s sense of where it is in space. The body uses proprioception to determine when to contract certain muscles to move in a controlled and smooth fashion. These motor patterns can be disrupted by an injury and this can prevent the injury from healing properly. By affecting how the body senses its position, SPRT taping can correct faulty motor patterns and allow an injury to heal more quickly.

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