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What is an ACL injury?

An anterior cruciate ligament injury – or an ACL injury – is a fairly common occurrence in certain sports, especially basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball. The Chiropractor ACL is a knee ligament that stabilizes the knee and prevents the lower part of the leg from moving forward relative to the upper part of the leg.

In contact sports like football the ACL is often injured when a player collides with the outside of another player’s knee.

Unfortunately, the ACL is also often ruptured in non-contact injuries such as when a player lands, cuts, changes direction, or plants. In fact, approximately 70 percent of ACL injuries are non-contact injures. These non-contact ACL injuries tend to occur much more frequently in young female athletes, in fact 7 of 8 non-contact ACL injuries occur in females. There are many reasons thought to be responsible for this disparity, some of which are unavoidable including hormonal differences and certain anatomical differences such as the thickness of the ACL. Fortunately, many of the risk factors unique to female athletes can be altered which can help prevent ACL injuries. These include imbalances or weakness in certain hip and thigh muscles and poor neuromuscular control of the lower extremity (contracting specific muscles at the correct time to protect the ligaments in the knee).

ACL injury rehabilitation supports an improved quality of life!

The sports chiropractic physicians at Premier Sports and Spine Center are uniquely trained in biomechanical analysis, strength and conditioning, ACL rehabilitation, and sports injury diagnosis and this expertise gives them an exclusive outlook on the prevention of ACL injuries. For this reason Premier Sports and Spine Center offers a program for teams, organizations, or individuals that identifies risk factors for ACL injuries and gives athletes an individually designed program to help prevent ACL injuries from occurring. The injury prevention program we offer also has an added benefit: increased performance.

The program includes:

  • Education and instruction on endurance, strength, and flexibility training
  • Agility and speed training specific to the demands of each sport
  • Plyometrics to increase power and explosiveness
  • Technique training specific for ACL injury prevention
  • Core and balance training

Injury prevention benefits include:

  • Decreased risk of ACL injury by up to 88%
  • Decreased landing forces by 22%
  • Increase quad/hamstring ratio from 50% to 60%

Performance enhancement benefits include:

  • Increase in vertical jump by 10%
  • Increase in hamstring strength by 44%
  • Increased sprint speed
  • Improved power and endurance
  • Improved running economy

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