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May 11, 2018
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6 Things That Are Making Your Back Problems Worse

Any type of body pain can affect your day to day activities for the worse.

If you have a back problem and have started noticing that it is becoming worse by the day, not only do you need immediate chiropractic care but you need to be making some changes to the way you move your body.

Causes For Back Pain

Here are 6 things that are making your back pain worse:

  1. Bad posture

As kids, we were always told to sit up straight with our backs perfectly straight and pay attention to class. Over the years people including you forgot the basic rules of sitting right and it manifested in some serious back problems. Now it is not to say that you must always be sitting perfectly, but make sure to align your back perfectly so that it doesn’t slouch and affect your spine. Slumping and slouching not only look unattractive but also have negative side effects to the back in the long run.

  1. Not exercising

Lack of physical activity can seriously be detrimental for your back. This is because as you avoid doing exercise, you gain weight and that compresses the spinal cord and nerves around it. Back pain is a common symptom for overweight and obese people. Even if you are slim and slender, a little bit of stretching can go such a long way in improving your back’s condition.

  1. Doing the wrong exercises

The flipside to the previous reason is doing a lot of exercises that your back gives out or doing some moves wrong. Always work under the supervision of a professional trainer at the gym when doing some back related exercises or let your chiropractor know if doing a certain workout is right for you.

  1. Sleeping on your belly

Many people have a habit of sleeping on their bellies instead of their back but little do they realize that it is not really helping their backs in the long run. Ask any chiropractor and you will know that sleeping on the side is the best way because it makes your backstay elongated and neutral. If you already have a back problem then you must try sleeping on your back so that there is no pressure on the disks of your spine.

  1. High heels=high risk

High heels might look good when you wear them but after a couple of hours not only do they start becoming uncomfortable but they affect your spine as well. The higher your heels are, the further they will thrust your hips forward and cause an imbalance n the pelvic region. They affect the knees and your posture as well that eventually leads to lower back inflammation.

  1. Sedentary lifestyle

While you may have mastered the art of sitting up straight but if that is all you are doing then you are causing your back and core muscles to weaken thereby having a high risk of back problems in the future. Stay active, do safe core strengthening workouts and go swimming.

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