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CC McGraw

Gopher Volleyball Player

Premier Sports has always been my go to for any sort of injury. They consistently make my health and needs a priority. I have endured a wide variety of injuries throughout my volleyball career, and Premier Sports and Spine has had my back every step of the way. I would not be where I am today without the help and rehab of Dr. Holly Westbrock and the rest of the Premier Sports Team.

Kristyn A.

Wisconsin Badger Track and Field

As a runner throughout high school and now in college, I have experienced the best treatment through Premier. No matter what problem or injury I come in with, I always feel better than I did before. The doctors and staff are extremely helpful in diagnosing my injures and providing me with exercises and treatment to help me recover as fast as possible.

Raj K.

Tennis Pro

Through the years Dr.Holly has treated various physical issues that I’ve had ranging from plantar fasciitis to DeQuervain’s. Her treatments have been holistic and minimally invasive and PHENOMENAL! I even left an orthopedic surgeon to have her healing hands back on me- she is a miracle worker and such a delight to work with...THE BEST!

Derrick E

Gopher Football Player

Dr. Mitchell has been an integral part in the rehabilitation of my torn ACL and maintenance of other soft tissue injuries. He uses a combination of methods to get athletes back on their feet and reach optimal performance.

Sean E.

Division 1 Athlete

Dr. Mitchell and his organization have truly changed my life. I’ve been coming to him for 5 years now after I was recommended to see him through my personal speed trainer. I can honestly say he’s one of the main reasons I’m still playing the sport I love. Throughout my football career I’ve dealt with multiple injuries that have held me back significantly from my performance on the field and nothing or no one has helped me more than this man. There is no one better to see if you need to recover from injury, prepare for a game, or if you are trying to eliminate pain from your body. This place changed my life forever.

Dan R.

Tennis Pro

Dr Westbrock at Premier Sports and Spine is the absolute best. She has helped me through numerous injuries and ailments for the last 5 years from knee, tennis elbow, ankle and feet. She is extremely detailed, knowledgeable, highly educated and has integrity. I thought I had a serious knee injury and was going to set up an mri but she diagnosed and and gave me some stretches and it was 100% after 3 visits and no wasting time or money on an mri. I highly recommend her and her entire staff.

Emily S.

Former Gopher Track and Field, Mother of 4

I have been a patient of Dr. Holly’s for over 10 years, through many life and body changes. Not only did she play an integral part in helping me keep my competitive edge as a Division 1 track athlete, she was then by my side for all my post-college maintenance, and three pregnancies and four children in five years. Through the years Dr. Holly has played a critical role in my health. She is extremely intelligent, compassionate, and an excellent communicator. When you are a patient of Dr. Holly’s you feel listened to and well taken care of. To have found a doctor that can relate as an athlete, business woman and mother has been invaluable to me and my family!

Kara L.

Fast Pitch Softball Mom

Our daughter sustained a fairly significant sports related neck injury when she was 12. We were immediately referred to Dr. Holly to confirm diagnosis and put the appropriate treatment plan in place. Given the injury she sustained, we were concerned her sports career may have been over. Our concerns were quickly dispelled. After 8 to 10 weeks of healing and active treatment, our daughter was back playing basketball and doing off season workouts for softball. Our daughter is currently 14 and doing awesome! Dr. Holly not only assessed the injury quickly, she took the time to educate her on her injury as well as what she needs to do to maintain her health and avoid reinjury. We cannot say enough about Dr. Holly's compassion and true concern for our daughter's overall health.

Katie H.

Tennis Player, Runner

Dr Holly And all the doctors at Premier sports and spine are amazing. I have seen Dr. Chris, Dr. Holly, and Dr. Nolan and have been enormously happy with everybody that I have seen. They have treated me for a variety of different sports injuries and issues and have been able to resolve all of them. Every opportunity I get, I refer someone over to them because that’s how confident I am in their care. They go above and beyond and really care about their patients well-being.

Annie S.

Ironman Triathlete & elite level marathon runner

Premier Sports and Spine is the best! Thank you to Dr. Holly and Dr. Michael for “fixing me” once again! With their knowledge, expertise, and experience I have complete faith in them. I know if I am having any issues related to endurance sports training or injuries they will help get me to the start line healthy. Thank you again!

Karin D.


I have been seeing Dr. Holly on and off for almost 10 years. She has been instrumental in helping me recover from both injury and back surgery. In addition, she played a key role in the process that ultimately led to an autoimmune diagnosis. She is experienced, knowledgable, compassionate and incredibly thorough. She will leave no stone unturned in order to identify the cause of pain and discomfort. Dr. Holly is a gift and I’m truly grateful to have her alongside my healing journey!


NFL wide receiver

Dr. Nolan at Premier Sports and Spine Center has helped me a lot. I first saw him for a hamstring strain and have since seen him for several other injuries. He helped me get through these injuries while I was training to get ready for the NFL draft and this allowed me to not take breaks in training during this important time. I highly recommend Dr. Nolan and Premier Sports and Spine Center.


NFL tight end

A very big thank you to Dr.Mitchell at premier sports and spine for all the great work done to my body especially my ankle! The work done was at its best and its helped me gain strength and flexibility to a T! I absolutely suggest athletes of all sports go in to get work done ASAP!

Jeff B.


I’ve been working out pretty intensely for the past couple years. 6 months ago I hurt my back by incorrectly performing an exercise and had been fighting through pain for quite a while. It finally reached the point where the pain was affecting even the slightest movements. I’ve never been to a chiropractor before and didn’t believe in the process. The idea of someone cracking my back once a week for the rest of my life seemed like insanity. I had heard about Sports Chiropractors and without really believing it would help I sought out treatment from Dr. Westbrock. I was amazed at how much pain relief I got after just 1 visit. What really impressed me was the knowledge I gained from Dr. Westbrock about my body. She prescribed a specially tailored treatment plan created just for my injury and my body. I didn’t anticipate was how much time she would spend on deep tissue massage, stretching and range of motion! I was also very glad and relieved not to be signed up for a lifetime of adjustments but a course of treatments concentrating on problem areas.

Karen G.


I first sought out Chiropractic Treatment from Dr. Dean for chronic migraines. I used to get migraines 2 to 3 times a week, with “normal” headaches the rest of the days. Being a student in nursing school, working and overall just being active, migraines were getting in the way of living my life. Dr. Dean started working with me a little over a year ago. I frist started seeing him 2 to 3 times a week. I am HAPPY to report that I see him once every 2 months or so, and that I only get a migraine once a month, if that. I would highly recommend Dr. Dean to anyone experiencing any chiropractic problem. I trust him and the team and Premier Sports and Spine to get you back on your feet and feeling well.


College track athlete

The summer before my senior year of high school I sprained my ankle playing volleyball. I was devastated but was determined to not let it affect my ability to participate in sports my senior year. Even after the sprain had healed, I began having sharp pain further up on my leg. I wasn’t sure what it was, and many doctors were not able to give me answers. It wasn’t until Dr. Mitchell at Premier Sports and Spine recommended I get an MRI that we were finally able to diagnose it as a stress fracture. Thankfully, my leg was healed just in time for track season but, unfortunately, I had developed plantar faciitis on my opposite foot. I began to wonder if I was going to be able to compete at the level I wanted to be but, of course, Dr. Mitchell was able to get my foot healed in no time! The two relay teams I was a part of even qualified for state. If it wasn’t for Dr. Mitchell and the Premier Sports and Spine team, I would have never been able to compete with my teammates at the state track and field meet my senior year!

Cate G.


After exhausting nearly every traditional approach for managing IT Band Syndrome and Patellar Tendonitis, a friend led me to Dr. Chris. Taking a radically different course of action and dealing with the root cause, he has given me relief that I feared would never come. Thanks to Dr. Chris, I am back out on my bike and working out more consistently. I would recommend Dr. Chris to anyone who wants to get back in shape form a chronic injury.

Anna H.

Cardiac sonographer

I work as a cardiac ultrasound technician. My job requires strange body positioning which caused my shoulder to tighten up. I had three massages in four days hoping it would relieve my pain. It, however, did not and I was now experiencing numbness and tingling down my arm and into my fingers. I was given Dr. Dean’s name by my brother and called. Dr. Dean examined me and treated my shoulder and arm. At the end of the appointment I was surprised because I assumed that chiropractic care was all adjustments. Dr. Dean did massage on two main points on my back and shoulder and I experienced immediate relief. That night I slept better than I had in days and when I woke I no longer had numbness in my arm and the shoulder pain was gone. Its been a few weeks and I still have total relief. This has made a huge difference in my overall ability to do my job in a pain free manner. In fact, after seeing Dr. Dean and knowing what a difference he can make, I will be foregoing massages as my way of treating my muscle aches in favor of seeing Dr. Dean.

Tim D.

USTA Tennis Pro, Colligate Tennis Player

I started seeing Dr. Dean for my shoulder and neck pain that started bothering me in high school sports, specifically tennis. I played most of my tennis career with some level of discomfort in my shoulder and neck until I was introduced to Dr. Dean. After a few visits to his clinic I immediately noticed decreased level of pain and soreness, more range of motion on my serve, an ability to hit better and felt more fluent in my strokes. I was also able to concentrate more on my game than how much pain I was in. Overall, I felt more comfortable performing out on the court and in the end was more consistant with my serves and ground strokes. Thanks to Dr. Dean I was able to step up my level of play because he helped me improve my range of motion, decreased my pain and that lead to me focusing on the game and not the pain.

Adam H.

Police Officer & Avid Exerciser

I began seeing Dr. Dean about 2 years ago. I had a recurrence of a herniated disc in my lower back from a high school sports injury that was causing me a lot of pain. I previously have had two back surgeries for the same back injury that did not alleviate the pain. After seeing Dr. Dean for several months I began feeling increasingly better and better. Now I have only needed to have an appointment once every other month. I am extremely happy with the work Dr. Dean has done for me. His work has kept me able to perform my job and athletic activities relatively free of pain. I know that with continued work, I will only get better.

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