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Chiropractic Tendonitis Treatment | Premier Sports & Spine CenterTendonitis is a common chiropractic condition which involves inflammation of a tendon, the connective tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone. Common places for this to occur are the achilles (back of the ankle), the shoulder, the knee, and the elbow. Tendonitis is considered to be an overuse condition related to repetitive motion and is therefore often caused by sports and work related tasks. Common tendonitis chiropractic treatment remedies include rest, ice, and light, pain-free stretching. For tendonitis this is often effective if the offending activity is discontinued for 1-3 weeks and if the condition is caught early.

Current research has shown that many conditions thought to be tendonitis are in fact a different condition known as tendinosis. Tendinosis is a condition that is not inflammatory in nature and is instead a degenerative change in the tendon itself which includes a build up of collagen or scar tissue.

A tendonitis can become a tendinosis if symptoms are ignored early in the process. One important distinction between tendonitis and tendinosis is the fact that tendinoses are unlikely to respond to rest. Even if the symptoms dissipate with rest they are likely to come back when you resume the activity that caused them in the first place. For this reason, a person who has had symptoms for more than a 2-3 week period should seek care to prevent the problem from becoming chronic.

Tendonitis signs and symptoms:

• After a strenuous activity, one experiences a lot of pain along the tendons
• The tendons become very thick
• Pain and stiffness especially in the morning along the tendon joints.
• The body experiences mild swelling.


Tendonitis complications:

• Failing to get proper treatment may lead to the increased risk of getting a more severe condition that may require a surgical repair procedure known as tendon rupture
• The above condition is known as Tendinitis. It involves degenerative changes to the tendons, leading to abnormal growth of new blood vessels


Chiropractic Tendonitis Treatment | Premier Sports & Spine Center



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