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With our snow melted and the warm weather coming (in theory at least), it is time for baseball to start.  In recent years our youth baseball programs have gotten much better at protecting young pitcher’s arms.  However, it is impossible to completely avoid injuries with any sport.  Many baseball injuries occur to pitcher’s elbows and […]

Want to operate like a fine-tuned machine, then you have to fuel the fine-tuned machine. No matter how hard you work or how consistent you are with your training, this can all be greatly affected if you are not fueled properly. Just as you can bonk in a competition or race, this can also happen […]

Settling into your new routines for the year. Are you incorporating any of the discussed ideas from the recent blogs addressing Building Your Training Base in Less Time? How can you maximize your potential? Here are some of a bevy of options for recovery throughout your training schedule. Albeit some better than others, you can’t […]

How often do athletes look to their coaches for advice when it comes to injury prevention. More often than not coaches are the first person we turn to for any hints, tips, or tricks for fixing or avoiding any issues. That’s where we can make a difference.

With the weather warming up (sort of) it is almost time for youth baseball to begin.  Once kids graduate from parent pitch or pitching machines to kids doing the pitching, most of them want to be the pitcher.  The pitcher controls the game, they are on center stage, and they can often be the hero. […]

CrossFit has become very popular as a unique strength and conditioning system. Military, firefighters, elite sports athletes have all used it with impressive results. The program has been used by people of all ages and fitness levels that want become stronger and more physically fit.

With fall sports starting up for young athletes many kids will be entering two-a-day workouts in the coming weeks.  These sports include soccer, football, cross-country, and even volleyball.  With this increased activity athletes need to significantly increase their water intake but most athletes will not.  Maintaining proper hydration levels is very important for many reasons. […]