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First off, Sever’s disease is not as scary as it sounds.  In fact, it really shouldn’t be called a “disease” per se.  Sever’s is very similar to a more well known condition, Osgood-Schlatter’s disease, which results in anterior knee pain.  The process is the same except it occurs in the heel.  Bones in young people […]

Overtraining in athletes is an issue many runners, cyclists, and other endurance athletes alike might not truly understand even though they may be doing it. A plateau or decline in athletic performance typically take a toll mid-season when athletes are trying to fit in too much volume and not enough rest and easy days or […]

At Premier Sports and Spine Center we often get asked how Rock Tape & Kinesio tape work?  This is an interesting question in many ways.  First of all, no taping procedure is ideal for every condition so it is important to only use this technique when it is going to be beneficial.  Second of all, there […]

Repetitive sports, such as running, can cause many different types of injuries and pain including muscle pain, tendinitis, and joint injuries.  One of the most overlooked types of pain related to repetitive stress is nerve pain.  In people that run a lot this often results in whats known as neural tension.  It is important to […]

Settling into your new routines for the year. Are you incorporating any of the discussed ideas from the recent blogs addressing Building Your Training Base in Less Time? How can you maximize your potential? Here are some of a bevy of options for recovery throughout your training schedule. Albeit some better than others, you can’t […]

Having difficulty trying to find time to maintain your workout schedule? You’re not alone. This time of year brings a whirlwind of additional tasks…from getting decorations setup, scheduling time to be with family and friends, squeezing in a second to pick up more ingredients for those delicious cookies you want to bake, dealing with anxiety […]

Many distance athletes forget the importance of strength training, choosing to focus solely on their chosen discipline.  This is often a huge mistake and not only can make the athlete injury prone but can also limit the athlete’s performance.  Distance athletes often have a lot of misconceptions about strength training so I want to address […]

Finishing a marathon is a great accomplishment but whether you were going for a personal best or completing your first one, the weeks following the marathon are extremely important to avoid injury.  When considering the recovery period necessary it is important to realize two things.  First, 26.2 miles is a long way to run.  The […]