What do sports chiropractors use stretching programs for?

Stretching programs are almost always a part of treatment utilized by the sports chiropractors at both our Eden Prairie and Eagan locations. There are many different types of stretching that patients can benefit from both in the clinic and at home. Stretching programs may include:

Generally speaking, stretching programs are used to lengthen muscles that have become tight or shortened. This is important in many conditions such as upper cross syndrome and lower cross syndrome. More specific stretching programs such as nerve flossing are used for nerve issues such as sciatica caused by a bulging disc or degenerative disc disease, or from post-surgical nerve root adhesions.

Why get your stretching program from a sports chiropractor?

There are a large number of stretching programs available on the internet and many of them are safe and productive. If the goal is just to increase your range of motion, these stretching programs are probably just fine. However, if you are dealing with an injury or have an underlying condition, some types of stretching may be unproductive or even dangerous. For example, the couch stretch for your hip flexor may be harmful if you are suffering from patellar tracking issues or chondromalacia. For this reason, a thorough examination can help design a stretching program that is not only safe, but as helpful as possible. This examination can help find functional deficits and imbalances that help to identify muscles that may need to be lengthened at different sites than just the area of pain. This can shorten recovery and help the relief last.

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