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Chiropractic care treatment generally involves three stages. The beginning stage is focused on providing symptomatic relief by reducing pain or other discomfort. Following this stage is one that helps encourage tissue healing and normalizing function. The last stage is designed to be preventative and reduce the chances of new injuries or the aggravation of older ones. Taking this holistic, systematic approach ensures that you receive care that not only relieves your discomfort quickly, but corrects the problems that led to it and prevents any further injuries from developing. Making regular visits to your chiropractor is necessary to achieve the full results from all three stages of care.

1. Relief Care

The first stage of chiropractic care treatment is known as “relief care” because it is designed to reduce the presence of the symptoms from your injury. Techniques are delivered that can reduce pain and stop other discomfort. The purpose of this stage is to provide immediate results and help patients continue with their daily activities. While patients are usually encouraged to take it easy, they should remain mobile to reduce the risk of further injury. Treatment at this stage can also reduce inflammation and muscle spasms.

2. Corrective Care

The second stage in chiropractic treatment is called “corrective care” because it is aimed at correcting the functions that led to your injury. Without this stage of treatment, the symptoms of your injury will return and the problem will likely continue. Patients are encouraged to follow the recommendations of their chiropractor strictly. Failing to do so at this stage can result in future issues. However, keeping regular appointments and participating in specific home exercises can provide lasting relief. It should be noted that just because pain dissipates, injuries may not be entirely healed and the instructions given to you by your chiropractor should continue to be followed. If you stop early, your tissue may not be able to retain full function on a long-term basis.

3. Wellness Care

The final part of your chiropractic care will involve treatments designed at preventing future injuries or the return of older ones. This usually involves regular check ups with your chiropractor’s office, either yearly or more frequently. Continuing with check ups can help chiropractors spot and correct potential injuries before they become major issues. Your chiropractor can identify the subtle tissue changes that begin prior to any discomfort you might feel. Like many other medical issues, in chiropractic care, once you begin to feel adverse effects from the symptoms, major damage has probably already occurred.