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Let us face it: Chiropractic Sports injuries have sidelined too many athletes for their games, seasons, and even their careers. In the American teenage population alone, approximately two million sports injuries happen every single year [1]. The sports events that have the greatest number of chiropractic injuries include football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and softball and the most common sports injuries include:

Acute injuries. Sudden trauma is the most common cause of acute injuries. The most common acute injuries include partial or complete tear of ligaments (sprain), contusions, (bruises), partial or complete tear of tendon or muscle (strains), and fractures [2].

Overuse injuries. Overuse injuries develop gradually over time. Repeated athletic activity can injure body parts while limiting these parts from healing in between plays. The most commonly affected parts damaged by overuse injuries include muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments, and growth plates in young, still-growing athletes [2].

Catastrophic injuries. Sports have many inherent dangers. They can put athletes at high risk for severe injuries to the neck and head areas, particularly the spinal cord and the brain. The most common sports events that cause the most catastrophic injuries include ice hockey, gymnastics, wrestling, swimming, cheerleading, soccer, and pole-vaulting [2].

Why is there a need to see a sports physical therapy professional after having a sports injury?

Doctors often advise athletes to undergo physical rehabilitation to cope with their sports injuries [3]. By doing so, athletes can:

• determine if there are inflexible or weak skeletal muscles in their body that could make them more at risk to an injury
• rebuild their strength and movement of their body parts after an injury
• learn exercises, stretches, and techniques using specialized equipment to address physical problems
• manage pain appropriately and prevent permanent damage and recurring problems on their affected body part
• evaluate daily the improvement of their injured body part

How to prevent sports injuries from worsening:

Athletes can always prevent some sports injuries from happening. Proper warm-up and stretching can keep many of these problems from taking place. Seeing a physical therapist before an injury worsens is important so that he or she can properly examine the damage and find the problematic areas that need to be addressed. Although some of the physical therapist’s procedure may appear to be just another standard care to an untrained eye, nevertheless, the means to address the injuries and their possible treatment outcomes could positively change [3].

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