What is a Good Posture?

and how do I restore it?

Good posture refers to proper alignment of the vertebrae in the spine along with the proper alignment of other physical landmarks in the body such as the shoulders, hips and knees. Posture restoration refers to restoring the three natural curves in a spine, strengthening the core and postural muscles so that the spine and other joints in the body are in the most functional and efficient positions. Better posture gives us a chance to work, stand, run, walk, sit, sleep and perform activities of daily living without pain and with the best performance possible. Better posture means we have mastered the difficult task of having our body work ergonomically and biomechanically correct in any number of scenarios. Perfect posture is not feasible, but we can all strive to have better posture. That is where posture restoration comes into the picture.

Good posture restoration is a process of identifying weak and deconditioned areas in the body that need to be properly activated and strengthened. The corrective exercises are a specialty of the chiropractors at Premier Sports and Spine Center, we excel at helping patients understand what needs to be done and how to restore good posture for each individual.

Good Posture Restoration Tips

Since most of us sit for out job, one of the easiest things to start with when addressing poor posture, is the Bruegger’s relief position. It is recommended that you perform this for ten seconds and repeat every twenty minutes. Follow these easy instructions:

  • Sit with your “sits-bones” at the edge of your chair
  • Hold your head up and in a neutral position
  • Sit with your legs shoulder width apart
  • Turn your feel slightly outward
  • Rest your weight on your legs and feet, and relax your abs
  • Tilt your pelvis forward and raise your chest, as to put a relaxed curve in your low back
  • Let your arms fall at your side and rotate your arms so palms face forward
  • Hold this position while taking in deep “belly” breaths for ten seconds

There is so much information out there about restoration and how to improve your posture that it can be hard to know where to start. The sports chiropractors at Premier Sports and Spine Center can guide you through the learning what your individual needs are in order to improve your posture.

If you are suffering from posture related issues and would like to make an appointment at our Eden Prairie or Eagan clinic locations, or to discuss good posture restoration with one of our sports chiropractors, please contact us or call 952-479-0043 today.

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