Deconditioning Syndrome

What is deconditioning syndrome and how can a sports chiropractor help?

Deconditioning syndrome is a sequence of physical events that can occur a patient after a physical injury that causes a person to stop exercising. Most athletes have encountered some degree of deconditioning syndrome in their athletic careers.

When an athlete, or even an active individual, is injured, there is a period of time where the person must slow down, heal, and recover. Whether this injury is serious or minor, the impact it has on a person’s routine usually prevents them from training or exercising for a period of time. During this pause from routine, the patient is also dealing with the pain of the injury. This combination of inactivity and pain can cause people to lose muscle tone and conditioning, and to even become depressed. The sports chiropractors at both our Eden Prairie and Eagan locations can help you create a treatment plan to help avoid the pit falls associated with this syndrome.

Here are some strategies to assist in managing deconditioning syndrome:

  • Develop an exercise plan around the injury: For example, a patient with plantar fasciitis or a stress fracture may be unable to run but they can focus on core strength and upper body exercises.
  • Treat associated problems: Dealing with one injury can often cause problems. A patient on crutches or in a boot will often develop lower back pain or hip pain. This pain can make deconditioning syndrome worse.
  • Be aware that you may deal with deconditioning syndrome: By recognizing the existence of deconditioning syndrome, patients can be prepared to deal with it. It is normal to be less fit after an injury, but with a progressive, systematic plan, an athlete can return to their pre-injury status safely and efficiently .

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