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Migraines are no doubt one of the most painful things a person experiences that might not go away even after popping a few pills. Nowadays, so many people are opting for an expert chiropractor or chiropractic session to help them with their migraine problem. What causes migraines is still a mystery, although it is believed […]

Stretching is an important element of an exercise regimen as it helps improve flexibility. Not everyone stretches before exercising, so you may be thinking if stretching is all that important. There are many different types of stretching which chiropractor recommends, therefore the kind of stretches you do as well as the timing can have a […]

Jogging is one of the easiest and most rewarding outdoor activities. It is the perfect way to get into a healthy workout routine without all the stresses of the gym. It provides you with a whole body and mind workout. Consult the best chiropractor to know more about jogging.

First off, Sever’s disease is not as scary as it sounds.  In fact, it really shouldn’t be called a “disease” per se.  Sever’s is very similar to a more well known condition, Osgood-Schlatter’s disease, which results in anterior knee pain.  The process is the same except it occurs in the heel.  Bones in young people […]

Overtraining in athletes is an issue many runners, cyclists, and other endurance athletes alike might not truly understand even though they may be doing it. A plateau or decline in athletic performance typically take a toll mid-season when athletes are trying to fit in too much volume and not enough rest and easy days or […]

At Premier Sports and Spine Center we often get asked how Rock Tape & Kinesio tape work?  This is an interesting question in many ways.  First of all, no taping procedure is ideal for every condition so it is important to only use this technique when it is going to be beneficial.  Second of all, there […]