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Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment for Migraine

Chiropractic treatment for migraine involves stretching, manipulating and stretching the spine without the use of surgery or drugs. It uses x-rays for the patient’s spine analysis and assesses how it can affect his overall health. Chiropractors use a wide range of devices, such as braces, shoe inserts, and straps, in the treatment process. Advice on subjects like nutrition, exercise and stress management are also given to the patients to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

Chiropractic Treatment and Migraines

There isn’t considerable evidence to back the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment in managing migraines. However, research suggests that spinal manipulation may act as an effective treatment method for headaches and tension headaches originating in the neck.

A 2014 report suggested that innovation in chiropractic treatments enhanced the results for the management of chronic and acute neck pain and this favorable outcome was shown in various cases where a multimodal method for treating neck pain had been utilized.  Another JMPT study carried out in 2011 concluded that manipulating the spine helps improve cervicogenic headaches and migraines.

According to chiropractors, migraines develop in the spine, and are often the result of a vertebrae misalignment, or subluxation, which can irritate the nerves travelling through the spine and to the brain. This misalignment may make a person prone to chemical imbalances in the brain. Other chiropractors believe that realigning the vertebrae releases the pressure built up against irritated nerves and therefore relieves the headaches.

Chiropractic treatment for migraine by a chiropractor will either be performing spinal corrective adjustments to improve the spine’s function, provide you with nutritional advice, or a change in diet, relaxation techniques and exercises to relieve muscle tension and joint irritation. So, if you experience head drill migraines, get in touch with an experienced chiropractor without delay. If you hesitate in doing so, the problem will exacerbate and become more difficult to treat.

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