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February 3, 2017
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The Importance of Stretching Before Working Out

Stretching is an important element of an exercise regimen as it helps improve flexibility. Not everyone stretches before exercising, so you may be thinking if stretching is all that important. There are many different types of stretching which chiropractor recommends, therefore the kind of stretches you do as well as the timing can have a major impact on the benefits you derive from them.

Warming up the body is extremely important before stretching it. This is because warming up helps raise your body temperature so your muscles will be ready for the physical exertion and not get injured in the process. Warming up also increases the blood flow, speeds up heart rate and prepares your body for more calorie and energy burning. Stretching on cold muscles can lead to injuries and should therefore be preceded with a 5 to 10-minute warm-up.

It is important to stretch before working out as it helps the body become less prone to injury and more pliable. You should stretch those muscle groups that are going to be worked the most during the exercise session. Chiropractor explain 12 reasons why stretching is important especially before working out.

  1. Reduce muscle tension; making the body fell more comfortable and relaxed.
  2. Prevents muscle strains- a powerful stretched muscle resists stain better than an un-stretched muscle.
  3. Increases the motion range
  4. Prepares the body for physical exertion
  5. Prevents joint strains
  6. Promotes blood circulation
  7. Decreases muscle soreness
  8. For females, reduces the intensity of painful dysmenorrheal symptoms
  9. Increases the ‘body awareness’
  10. Lowers the risk of back problems
  11. Increases the flow of oxygen, which in turn helps subside pains, aches and general tension and tightness in the muscles
  12. Nourish the body. The increased blood circulation in the body gives it a boost of nourishment.

Make sure you talk to your chiropractor before trying any form of stretching to reduce the risk of injuries.

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