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How to Jog Correctly

Jogging is one of the easiest and most rewarding outdoor activities. It is the perfect way to get into a healthy workout routine without all the stresses of the gym. It provides you with a whole body and mind workout. Consult the best chiropractor to know more about jogging.

Are you thinking about perhaps starting with a 20 or 30-minute jog around your neighborhood for morning exercise? It is a great way to burn extra calories and exert the muscles. To help maximize the effects of running and to avoid injury, chiropractor explained few things that you should do before putting on your running shoes.

Ask your doctor about jogging. Talk to your doctor about starting a jogging routine and find out if there are any special precautions needed for a healthy workout. Exercise is essential for proper body form, but individuals with existing medical conditions should consult a health expert before undertaking any fitness program. This prevents cases of injury or instances where exercise is counterproductive to an existing medical treatment or other health issues.

Learn about proper jogging form. Jogging should be approached in the right way. That means doing some research online or, if possible, talking with a fitness expert or a chiropractor. Keep in mind that talking with experienced joggers can be very beneficial when you are starting out. Connect with friends and other people who jog around your neighborhood. They can offer valuable tips about proper jogging techniques and motivate you to keep working out.

Start where you are and work your way up. “If your friends have been jogging for years, it might a challenge to try to keep up with them,” recommended Dr. David T. Reed of Reed Chiropractic. “That is why you should start small and build endurance slowly. As a beginner, you still need to consider things like pace and form. Avoid trying to beat records or showing off. Pushing yourself too hard might cause an injury and that could take you out before you have had much to learn.”

Warm-ups are important, but so is cooling down. As any fitness expert will tell you, warm-ups are necessary for preparing the muscles before a jog – or indeed any workout – and just as important is stretching for a few minutes after the jog. Muscles need care, more so before and after an exercise routine. That way injuries have a lower chance of occurring. Factor in at least ten minutes for warm-ups and cool down after your jog.

Always wear the right gear. This will ensure comfort and protect your body as you gradually learn the tricks of daily workouts. The right gear may include moisturizer during the dry seasons and warm clothing during the colder seasons.

Added Tip: It is a good idea to “switch it up” the minute you sense your body getting used to your jogging routine. Remember to log your miles as well.

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