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November 3, 2015
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November 24, 2015

Who is an ‘Athlete’?

What is an Athlete

What is an athlete? Have you ever found yourself asking such a question? What makes me different? Or do you sometimes find yourself answering such a question about yourself differently? Visit a chiropractor to explore about athletic injury treatment.

This can be a tough question with varying answers or at least perspectives dependent on whom you’re directing the question. There are power athletes, endurance athletes, amateur athletes, professional, retired athletes, team sports athletes, individual sports athletes etc. So what’s the common denominator for one’s motivation to stay fit? Why do many athletes struggle to remain athletes through time?

Passion. When someone is truly passionate about being an athlete, they are able to detach any personal identities they have connected with being fit. Too many people try to live up to others as well as their own previous potential, and they lose their passion! This is a big issue holding so many backs.

There’s an athlete in everybody. Every single person! Yes, sometimes you’re in training and sometimes you’re not. But everyone is an athlete. Don’t get caught up in the thought process that to be an athlete you need an imaginary minimum number of training hours or need to accomplish some arbitrary performance marker. This type of thinking will run anyone into the ground no matter their fitness level. If you’re getting out there, getting it done, and having fun, you’re an athlete!

When you identify yourself as an athlete, you will have a positive impact on other areas of your life. When you don’t think of yourself as an athlete, what is going to fill that void? Unfortunately, some people discover that unpleasant parts of their personalities rise to the surface when they turn away from being an athlete.

Let’s do a self-audit and potential reprogramming to make sure the fun hasn’t been lost in exercise. Remove the negative self-talk that you are using to justify your reality. By rekindling your genuine passion, you can make a big change in your life as well as leave an impression on the youth of today about what an athlete really is!

If you have any acute or chronic sports injuries or questions holding you back from re-beginning or optimizing your training, contact one of the Sports Chiropractic Physicians at Premier Sports and Spine Center today to see how we can help.

Dr. Michael Williams DC, CCSP, CSCS


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